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Seidio Innocell 4000mAh Super Extended Battery

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HTC Seidio Innocell 4000mAh Super Extended Battery

Product Description

This large capacity Seidio Innocell Super Extended Life Battery is for the avid traveler who can't always get to a charger. It has double the capacity than the original battery and comes with a black replacement door featuring Seidio's signature soft touch coating. 

Even with heavy phone and data usage, this battery will keep you charged and ready to go.


  • Made from the highest quality Japanese Lithium Cells
  • Includes replacement door featuring Seidio's soft touch coating
  • Keeps most HTC charged and ready to go, even with heavy data usage
  • Capacity:  4000mAh

Please Note: Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.

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Star Star Star Star Star So far, so good!
User: Mike H, Oct 18, 2012
Pros: Looooonggg Life
Cons: Heavy
I went from getting a half day worth of usage with the stock battery to 2 full days of heavy usage without having to recharge!I have to screen brightness up to 80 but make sure that radios that I dont use are turned off (bluetooth, 4G, ect). The one drawback is that the battery doubles the thickness and weight of the phone and I had to purchase a new phone case for the phone.
Star Star Star Star Star Great Product
User: Cairo B, Oct 8, 2011
Pros: Exceptional Battery Life
Cons: Makes The Phone Bulky, You Have To Train The Battery (Cycle The Battery), And It Takes A Very Long Time To Charge Back Up Once It Is Dead.
I chose this battery because I am always on the go and I dont always have the option to keep my phone plugged in everywhere I go. With this battery I can take my phone off the charger at 7:30am and when I finally get home at 10:00pm at night I still have just a little power left in the red. I will say that this battery is thicker over stock and it will make your phone bulky. Also you will have to cycle this battery. Meaning you will have to train it. When you first get the battery DO NOT install it unless you have 12 hours to charge it up. Then use your phone all the way down to red before charging it again for another 12 hours. You will have to do this 3 to 5 times before you see the true advantages of this product. Once you have done that, keep a close eye on your battery life by installing a good battery app. I recommend Battery Indicator Pro. If you do not keep an eye on your batterys power your phone will go dead. And I will tell you, once this battery is dead it will not be fully charged for at least 8 to 10 hours. Other than that this is a great product. I am thinking about purchasing the 1900mAh battery as a spare and just throw the stock battery in my dresser.
Star Star Star Star Star Believer
User: Marvin B, Aug 22, 2011
Pros: Lasted 10 hours & 23 minutes
Cons: Takes 11 hours to charge
Very good! I wasnt impressed with the 3500mAh in my EVO because it didnt come with instructions therefore it only lasted 4 hours & 35 minutes. My Sprint 2600 would last 7:35 hours! Had I known you charge it 11, burn it all the way down & repeat the cycle for 6 days, I could of enjoyed it!

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